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A front-runner in hallmark higher education services provider, Lincoln University of Business and Management (LUBM) aims at transforming students into global leaders. Providing a global vision, relevance for the local community and market; while demonstrating a passion for executive learning, is what makes LUBM a boutique learning institution. Headquartered in one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf, United Arab Emirates, the institute was established in the year 2014. We have a diverse student community of over 4000 students from 85 different countries, who have committed to the intellectual journey and taken leadership roles in global enterprises.

Our realistic and experimental approach to international education has helped us in inculcating long-standing values in all our students. We recruit students and provide exhaustive academic services right from inspiring short courses to professional post graduate programs that strictly follow international accreditation and recognition. We have partnered with leading universities, Business Schools and awarding bodies from across the globe to offer wide range of programs in the Middle East.

Become a leader in education

It is our mission to become preferred higher education provider in the Middle East and Africa for working professionals. We do so by practicing a blended learning, which is a practical mix of classroom lectures, industry visits, case studies, guest lectures, thesis, and internships to teach students skills that they can implement in a work environment. We have a flexible learning schedule where the students can attend workshops, seminars and conferences over the weekend, learn 100% online or blended, in order to maintain a healthy work-academics balance.

We encourage an open and friendly learning environment where students can confidently interact with each other and the faculty members using the latest tools. The faculty members and success managers are always available to clarify doubts, so that students feel at par with others.

Invest in knowledge with Lincoln University of Business and Management, and become your best self in life for when you graduate.

Guiding in the right direction

Lincoln University of Business and Management offers a various Bachelors and Master’s program in various domains that range from international management to global logistics and supply chain management. They are developed keeping in mind the current market trends and requirements, which can help students find jobs, transform and advance their career or start their venture with the most optimum knowledge of the latest marketing trends.

We also offer several fast-track courses ranging from one week to 12 months in association with leading universities, business schools and awarding bodies from across the world. The insitute also has a well-designed, Be Spoke corporate training program that helps graduates transform into work life smoothly. Lincoln University of Business and Management frequently hosts cultural programs, training sessions, athletic events, Knowledge Series and one-day visits around the country to foster a strong bond among the students.

Student Testimonial

I would recommend LUBM because their professional support and quality education which gave me everything that was needed to complete my studies. It was fun, multicultural and wonderful.

Lincoln Delivered Quality Education Through Our Partner Universities


The quality of academic staff are great asset to the quality learning to the university. They come from accomplished background with vast experience in the field of education.


It is difficult to decide a major when you have limited options. We offer more than 10 majors that will assist you towards your career path.


At LUBM we do our best to ensure that financial obligations do not become a hurdle for our learners to get the best education they deserve to excel in their career. Learners are always encouraged to apply for scholarship through our academic counselors.


Study for your degree with our workshops on weekends or from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it will give you opportunities to learn in new ways and it will make learning available who cannot attend traditional class.


Get credits transfer and prior learning credits on case to case basis to save your time and money. Moreover, our blended programs are affordable and feasible to the learners who intent to work and study parallelly.


Our universities combines the best of quality education with the global recognition to excel in your particular field of interest.

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