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Top Diploma Courses in Dubai
October 21, 2019
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A Guide to University life in the Emirates

University life in the Emirates

The UAE is famous for its quality education worldwide; people reach here from various destinations to learn about their subjects and hone the skills they desire. The universities in UAE are imparting world-class opportunities to the students and also provides safe environments for the international students reaching out from various corners of the world.

Let’s know about the guide for the University life in the Emirates:

Laws and Customs:

UAE is a Muslim nation and the residents and international students reaching out to the universities in UAE should be aware of customs and regulations they should adhere to. The universities in the UAE allows the people working or studying to display affection publicly to a minimum and ensure that everyone should dress traditionally while walking in public.

The country has strict privacy laws and is ready to impose hefty fines and at times can even send people to jail if they are found for taking pictures without their consent. The students in the university state that respecting the culture and laws in UAE are critical. Before you arrive at the university, reading through the laws and customs of the university is very important. Read through them for avoiding any disrespecting of values and culture of the country.

Do know that drinking alcohol publicly in Dubai is not allowed. Although there are hundreds of licensed bars in UAE cities and restaurants in Emirates, couple of them operates within the hotels too. The residents can also obtain licenses for purchasing alcohol while consuming it at home.

Academic Preparation:

The tuition fees in the university in UAE can vary according to the location, level of study, university and the Course you are opting for. Do know that the UAE universities fix their fees and it can fall anywhere in between 70,000 to 37,000 AED. The postgraduate courses are found to be quite expensive, and the cost can range between AED 120,000 to 48,000 AED. It can fall on the pricey side, but the universities in UAE also offers many scholarships to pay the significant percentage of the tuition fees.

Visa: For gaining the student resident visa, you need to have a resident sponsoring you in the country. Your university does the verification, and you can check through the student services for confirmation. Online applications are also accepted, but chances of rejection are higher for them. The visas for applicants most of the time last just for a year, and it can be renewed depending upon the course duration. The application of Visa is applied with the fees of approx 3,000AED and also have a deposit of 1,000 AED. The visa process for students can take about two to five weeks once the documents are submitted correctly. The UAE universities also keep a check on health before they offer for the final selection to the applicant.

Where to live in the UAE?

Finding a proper place in UAE is always in the top to-do list for the newcomers. Most of the students live on campus in the various accommodations provided by the authorities, but if you are keen to move out, then the city can offer you many options to reside in. The dominatrix are available for university students, but their prices can vary from one university to another depending upon the type of the room you are looking for.

The room on sharing basis are also available, and you can choose from. Of Course a non-sharing place is a hefty investment as compared to semi-private rooms, in which you can live with one of your partners and can share the rent which will be much lower as expected from such kind of operations.

If you want to cut down your travel and time commuting to the university, staying closer or inside the campus is the best option. By this way, you can enjoy lush green sprawling district of the university, and the rent can be checked on comparison with the other viable areas. Prioritize your requirements before you lay your hands on any property. Because once you shift to any location, changing to another also levy substantial expenses, and it should be taken into Course while you decide to look for an option to stay in UAE.

How to make friends in UAE?

Moving to a new country can be a daunting task for anyone, especially if you do not have any friends on the premises. Finding a common bond with the people staying around or studying by your side will not allow you to feel lonely during your study tenure in the UAE. The best place to make friends in UAE is during university orientation program or the classes. The classes, group projects and volunteer experiences provide enough time for students to interact with each other and become friends over time.

If you are spending time in campus activities, then meeting with people of common interest are quite high for you. If you are keen to make friends, later try to be active in the university community programs. Participating in events and clubs organized in your college provides an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to others or start a conversation though.

There are many online groups like Meetup, who are very much active in bringing people together of common interest or native places. The universities are set up for students to provide a world-class education to them. So, you don’t need to worry about the ambience as the authorities in UAE organize many events to help people settling in well in their new place.

Do have a look at the eligibility criteria of the universities before you start studying in any of them as they are one of the best in allowing their students the world-class amenities and helping them if they face any issues while living in the city.

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