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May 12, 2021
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10 reasons that you need to join UWS – MSc in Project Management

If you belong to the Project Management field you already know how in the present-day business world, demand for competent senior-level project managers is ever increasing. Therefore, enrolling in an MSc in Project Management program might be the opportunity that you were waiting for.

If you search for Project Management programs, you will come up with hundreds of programs. But, you have to keep in mind that not all of these programs will help you to reach your goals. You have to carefully filter out the best program for you.


Join the UWS MSc in Project Management program offered by LUBM

The MSc in Project Management program offered by Lincoln University of Business and Management in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland is your key to a flourishing career.

These two internationally recognized universities have joined their hands and come up with one of the best programs out there. To elaborate, we have cut down our long list and come up with 10 solid reasons as to why the MSc in Project Management program offered by LUBM-UWS is your best shot. Read on to find out.

Numbers Speak For Itself

Both LUBM and UWS have their stats speaking for themselves. UWS has featured in top lists like the Times Higher Education’s Young University Rankings and the Time’s top 100 UK universities several times. It also held the number 1 rank in teaching quality in the UK in a list published by The Sunday Times. According to a study conducted by HESA ( experts of HIgher Education Data in the UK), it was seen that 95.5% of students graduating from UWS were involved in a job or enrolled in a course six months after their graduation. These numbers are testimony of the quality of education imparted through this program.

Theoretical and Practical Based Learning

The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the present-day industry requirements. special emphasis is given to honing the skills like analytical thinking, task management, communication, leadership, etc.

Along with imparting students with high-quality theoretical knowledge, the program also focuses on practical knowledge. Through case studies and capstone projects, students get to put the skills learned to the test. This gives them an insight into the real business world and helps them to prepare better.

Real-time Virtual Learning

The entire course is delivered online. To give the students the feel of a physical classroom, real-time live sessions are held. Students are encouraged to engage in interaction to amplify their experience. They are also given access to recordings of these sessions so that they can study at their convenience. Regular discussion forums are held to increase peer-to-peer and peer-to-faculty interactions.

Flexibility Makes It Easier

96% of LUBM’s students are working professionals. Keeping in mind the busy work schedules of these individuals, students are offered maximum flexibility. The entire program is curated in a way that students don’t have to compromise on their work front to acquire their degree. Lincoln University of Business and Management knows the value of work experience in today’s world and therefore encourages its students to get their hands on as much experience as they can even while they study.

Receive Guidance From The Best

As they say, that experience is the best teacher. And the faculty at LUBM brings along the best of industry experience with them. Along with possessing exemplary teaching skills, each faculty member has been a pioneer in their field. With their years of work experience, they have much more up their sleeves than just theoretical knowledge.

Get Continuous Support

Taking the course from your home doesn’t mean that you are entirely alone. LUBM understands that completing an entire course virtually has its challenges. To make the journey easier, LUBM provides its students with continuous support. A dedicated team of faculty, advisors, and coaches are always ready to help out. Additionally, students can also reach out to the passionate student community in case they face any kind of difficulty.

Time Is Precious. Save It.

Traditionally, most Master’s degrees have a course duration of a minimum of 2 years. But we at LUBM understand the value of each second in this fast-paced world. Our MSc in Project Management program can be completed in a duration of only 12 to 18 months. It entirely depends on the students how much time they can afford to spend.

Learn In A Global Environment

The MSc in Project Management programs offered by LUBM has students enrolled from all across the globe. Therefore you get to interact and get insights into the workings of different parts of the world. Studying with this multicultural crowd also opens up your mind and makes you more flexible. Working on projects with a diverse set of students helps to learn ways in which large teams can be managed.

No Bachelor’s Degree? No Problem.

You are eligible for the Master’s program even if you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree. And we are not talking about a bachelor’s degree in Project Management. We are talking about a bachelor’s degree in any field or its equivalent. Yes, you read that right. LUBM offers a chance to anyone to pursue this Master’s degree program provided they have considerable managerial level experience in a relevant industry.

Exciting Scholarship Opportunities

The world is becoming an expensive place each day. Many meritorious students take a step back when it comes to higher education because of the monetary factor. We offer scholarship benefits of up to 30% to eligible students. With the help of this scholarship, you can reach out to your dreams even if you are on a budget.

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